Gift Giving - A Special Learning Event!

gift of learning Jan 20, 2019

Have you ever considered the fact that using new gifts is a learning event!

The hours after gift opening are a very special learning time. Children dump out all the toy parts, games and puzzle pieces onto the floor. They hook up and start playing their computer games.

Other friends and family members can’t resist curling up into the corner of a couch to start reading the new book they’ve just received. Other more adventurous types start reading the instruction manuals for new gadgets.

The best gifts often involve learning new:

  • Rules for playing board or computer game
  • Songs when listening to audio recordings
  • Stories about people, places and events, both historical and fiction, when watching movies or reading books
  • Food preparation ideas while browsing through cookbooks or online recipes
  • Sports like skating, skiing, and snowboarding
  • Hobbies and crafts

Of course, you can also personally custom-design learning event ‘gifts’ for your family and friends by:

  • Going to museums or art galleries
  • Attending special shows and exhibits
  • Watching live theatre
  • Hearing a favourite speaker
  • Joining a hobby or special interest class

By giving and receiving gifts you spark your own and others’ imagination, start a new learning journey, create moments of insight, and expand your own, your family's and friends' knowledge, skills and abilities.

May your gift-giving learning moments never end.

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