Brilliant Brainloading™ BOOSTER: Alphabet Triggers

What to DO

Go through the alphabet, in your mind or say it out loud if you are alone, to trigger the name of what you’ve forgotten. 

One of the letters of the alphabet has to match the first letter of what you’re trying to recall. For example, if you’ve forgotten a name like Nunivak (a regional area in Canada), start with the letter ‘A’ to see if it helps you recall the name, then the letter ‘B’ and so on.  When you reach the letter ‘N’ your brain is more likely to recall the name of the place, i.e., ‘Nunivak’.

Add the vowels if needed (A, E, I, O, U) after the selected letter of the alphabet.  So, for example, the letter ‘N’ becomes ‘NA’, ‘NE’, ‘NI’, ‘NO’, and ‘NU’. When you say 'NU' your brain will more easily recall the place 'Nunivak'.

How It Helps You Brilliantly Brainload

There are only 26 letters in the alphabet, five of them are vowels.  So, rest assured that the name of what you’re trying to remember MUST begin with one of those letters as well as contain one of those vowels.  Once you hear your brain say the correct first letter, you will more likely recall the name of the thing, person or place. 

To speed up your brain processing you can also group or cluster the alphabet into first letter recall 'sets', as shown in the graphic. Rather than always starting with 'A...B...C...D' you can start with 'Q...R...S', then 'T...U...V', especially if you think the name of the thing, person or place starts with a less commonly used letter.

Of course, this technique can be used wherever you are, quietly in your head or out loud, if needed.  Practicing this Brilliant Brainloading™ BOOSTER will train your brain to notice the beginning letters of words, thereby speeding up your future recall.

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About the Author

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