Push the LEARN Button

Last week I wanted to change the code on my garage door opener key pad and remote control unit but didn’t know how to do it. I’d long ago lost the written instructions and was concerned about knowing what to do. But, lucky me, when I googled the name and model of the machine there were instructions as well as a video demonstration for me to look at (hurray for the internet…our ever present teacher). I went into learning mode.

You’ve probably seen the ‘Easy’ button that Staples, the office supply company uses as part of their advertising campaign. Did you know that garage door openers have a button labeled ‘LEARN’?

The online instructions said that once I pressed the ‘LEARN’ button, I had to wait for the light on the machine to stop flashing and then go to the door key pad and key in a new number since the machine was now in ‘learning mode’ for 30 seconds. Once the new code was entered it would blink lights at me (visual signs) but also make beeping sounds (auditory signals) to tell me that the new code was encoded in its memory.

To my amazement the process actually worked. The machine had learned the new code.

To achieve garage door code changing success I needed to engage my own mental ‘LEARN’ button to gather the needed information to solve the problem and then sync what I’d learned with the machines ‘LEARN’ button.

I love the fact that the garage door opening machine designer thought of calling the machine’s memory button ‘LEARN’. How appropriate. LEARN buttons are all around us, if only we take the time to access them.


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