Coaching and Consulting

Work with us in Three Different Ways

Individual Coaching

When your learning success really matters we are here to help you achieve your learning goals. Learn how to efficiently and effectively  gain, retain, recall and reuse new knowledge and skills.

Group Learning and Coaching 

Join an upcoming group of employees who will to participate in weekly virtual sessions to learn specific learning efficiency and effectiveness skills and strategies to achieve both academic and career success.

Learnware™ Organizational Consulting

Engage us to work with you and your leaders to ensure your employees are accelerating their time to competence and being  efficient and effective continuous learners. 

UpSKILL Your Brain™ 1:1 Coaching

Private 1:1 coaching is the ultimate fast track way to ensure you achieve your career enhancing learning goals. 

Meet weekly on Zoom for an hour to gain the necessary training, support, resources and accountability you need to successfully engage in and complete:

  • new job orientation / onboarding, job transfer, or job promotion
  • career upskilling or reskilling (upgrading / updating job knowledge and skills)
  • professional designation achievement
  • training / educational program(s) 

We help clients learn how to increase their job competence (knowledge and skills) by following a proven learning process and using enhanced learning skills and strategies.

We guarantee you’ll tackle the new learning challenge better than you ever dreamed was possible.

  • A step-by-step weekly plan for learning new knowledge and skills
  • Correct use of learning skills and strategies for quicker results
  • A newfound confidence in your ability to learn quickly and easily

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UpSKILL Your Brain Group Learning and Coaching Program

The best brain enhancing group learning and coaching program for busy employees who want to become highly efficient and effective learners! 

Keep yourself employable and increase your employability by excelling at both current learning demands and future learning challenges!

  • Speed up your brain’s ability to take in and process new information
  • Gain new Brilliant Brainloading™ skills to easily learn new skills and to quickly upskill or reskill
  • Try out specific Brilliant Brainloading™ strategies to learn anything, anytime, and with reduced stress
  • Use proven Brilliant Brainloading™ strategies to retain and recall new knowledge and skills
  • Be smarter! Feel smarter!

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Learnware Organizational Consulting

Your employees are your organization's most valuable asset.  To maintain and grow their contributions to your organization, they need to continuously learn.  They need to quickly and efficiently upskill and reskill in order to survive in today’s fast paced, high technology work environments. 

New Employees and Recently Transferred or Promoted Employees

Learning new job roles and responsibilities are major learning initiatives that take months for employees to successfully complete. What would be the impact on both your employees and organization if you could reduce their 'time to competence' by 50% or more?  

Upskilling and Reskilling

The Future of Work research, conducted by major educational and consulting firms, emphasizes that all employees will need to learn faster, smarter and better to survive and thrive in the new economy.  Learning ability and agility is the one skill that will help future-proof your organization and make it more competitive.

Book a Learnware™ Consulting Exploratory Meeting

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Your Coach / Consultant

Valerie Dixon, M.Ed., CTDP, President and Chief Learnware Architect, Learnware Design Inc.

I love learning and helping other people learn.

As someone whose expertise is to take complex information and make it simple to understand, I know what challenges you’re up against in this information overloaded, technology-driven world. Most content is not well written nor well designed. Not all  managers, teachers, facilitators, and coaches know how to easily help you learn what you need to learn. Employees in today's work environments need know how to become self-sufficient and efficient learners.

As a professional learning program designer and developer for major corporations over the past 40 plus years, I became very fast at learning new content and then custom-designing that content into highly 'brainloadable' learning programs, tools and resources.

What I've learned about how to help people learn efficiently and effectively, based on the neuroscience of learning, is now at the core of everything I do. I've discovered that there are hidden ways to figure out content that just aren’t taught anywhere.  You didn’t hear about them in high school, university / college or at work. 

Knowing these insider ways to 'learnalyze' content will revolutionize how you look at content.  Your brain will be very happy you made its job so much easier.  You will no longer need to struggle with masses of information not knowing how best to translate that content into understandable information you can easily gain, retain, recall and reuse.

That's my mission. Demystifying the 'brainloading' process for accelerated competence!