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Brilliant Brainloading™

Do you want to gain a highly valued competitive advantage in your workplace? 

Discover how to ramp up your brain's information processing and skill building powers!

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Accelerated Competence™

Learning does take time!  However, it's confusing content that causes brain bog and wasted time.  All of Learnware Design's learning programs, tools and resources are specifically designed to Accelerate Competence™ so your learning brain goes quickly from brain bog to brain bright!

Based on the Neuroscience of Learning (NOL)

Neuroscientists are gaining new insights and discovering new best practices for learning enhancement. The team at Learnware Design continuously researches and builds the latest Neuroscience of Learning (NOL) strategies into all Learnware Design products. 

Expertly Designed

Learnware Design's training programs, tools and resources are expertly designed and developed by professional Instructional Designers with in-depth experience in the field of Performance and Workplace Development.  We know how learners learn!

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Learnware Design Inc.

Founded in 1982, Learnware Design Inc. is a Canadian-owned training design and consulting firm providing clients with custom-designed and fully documented training systems and learning solutions which positively impact bottom-line results. We have particular expertise in well researched, custom-designed and expertly executed training design. 

Our blended learning design strategies include technology-based (e-learning) resources and media. We have the expertise to take complex facts, concepts, processes and procedures and make them easy for others to learn and expertly apply.

Valerie Dixon, BA, M.Ed., CTDP

President and Chief Learnware Architect, Learnware Design Inc.

Valerie has over forty years of in-depth and varied experience as a leading learning design and learning expert. Since 1982 she's been providing highly customized training and development solutions to a wide variety of both public and private sector clients in financial services (banks / credit unions, insurance, wealth management, etc.) telecommunications, and associations. The consulting projects encompass the full spectrum of performance needs analysis as well as customized learning design, development and delivery.

She is the creator / designer of Learnware Design's learning programs, tools and resources that Accelerate Competence  by maximizing learning capacity and capability.

Learnware Online Products

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Brilliant Brainloading™ Bootcamp - The Neuroscience of Learning

This online program is for workplace employees who are starting a learning challenge or will be facing a steep l...

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Get Great Marks! Master Multiple Choice Exams™

This online program is for anyone who needs to get great marks on multiple-choice exams.  You will lea...

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Brilliant Brainloading™ Bootcamp and Get Great Marks! Master Multiple Choice Exams™

Are you facing a steep learning curve?  Do you also need to successfully pass multiple choice exams to prove tha...

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Brilliant Brainloading™ Blueprint (eBook)

$49.95 CAD

Discover a proven method to take in and expertly process new knowledge and demonstrate new skills based on the B...

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Brilliant Brainloading™ Blueprint Reference Tool (eBook)

$19.95 CAD

Use this easy reference tool to keep track of how well you are brainloading.  It's the companion downloadable to...

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