Accelerated Competence™


Future Proof Employability and Organizational Success with Learning Effectiveness and Efficiency!

Learnware™ For You...

when you need to upskill or reskill your job competencies so you remain employed or gain employment.  UpSKILL Your Brain™ to gain, retain, recall and reuse new knowledge and skills to excel at your:

  • new job
  • job transfer or job promotion
  • academic studies
  • professional designation achievement
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Learnware™ For Your Organization...

when changes in the workplace demand higher levels of employee competence and better performance. Prepare your workforce to upskill or reskill for the Future of Work and Learning:

  • accelerate job competence
  • ramp up continuous learning skills and strategies
  • ensure employees are 'brain ready' to upskill or re-skill job knowledge and skills
  • gain a competitive human asset advantage in the ever-changing, and technology-driven marketplace
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Go Quickly From Brain Bog to Brain Bright™

Everyone knows how to learn!  But it's brain bog that causes wasted time and energy. Excel during the Fourth Industrial (Intelligence) Revolution as learning efficiency skills and strategies (when upskilling and reskilling) become a major competitive advantage!  Learn how to quickly and efficiently go from brain bog to brain bright no matter what you are learning. Accelerate your competence™!

Gain Neuroscience of Learning (NOL) Insights

Neuroscientists are gaining new insights and discovering new best practices about how your brain takes in and processes new knowledge and demonstrates new skills. Become more competent as you learn about and use the newest learning enhancement skills and strategies to thrive in an ever-changing and high-tech world.. Learn how to learn while learning about learning!

Learn Faster, Smarter and Better!

Our online, in-person and virtual programs, products, tools and resources are expertly designed by professional learning and performance experts.  We have over 40 years of in-depth knowledge and experience creating / crafting high impact learning. We know how llearners learn and what it takes to learn faster, smarter, and better (and with less stress) in this high-tech and digitally complex world.


UpSKILL Your Brain™ - How Competent Are You?

Do you need to upSKILL or reSKILL your personal job competence to remain employable or to gain employment? 

COVID has caused so much chaos in the workplace.  Once stable jobs are now disappearing. You thought your job would last you a lifetime. 

Now you find out that the industry you’re in has been severely impacted. It’s disappearing or being downsized.  Or, your job is being automated or changed into something else that you don’t have the knowledge or skills for.  

This video series will help you prepare for what's next so you can more easily and efficiently tackle the upSKILLING or reSKILLING challenges.

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Neural BOOSTERS™ Club

Future proof your employability and career success by continuously improving your brainpower.  Join the Neural BOOSTERS™ Club Every month you will receive Neural BOOSTERS™ to explore and try out.  Plus much more!
Neural BOOSTERS™ are proven, research-based tactics to BOOST your brain’s neural networks (and synapses) so they are strategically activated, strengthened, and enhanced for optimal brain functioning.
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Learnware™ Online Programs

Brilliant Brainloading™ for Employees

The world of work has changed. You now need to continuously upgrade your job-specific competencies (upskill or reskill) to remain employable and to be employable. But do you have the learning competencies to easily do that? 

If you’re ready to discover highly valued skills and strategies to make your brain learn more efficiently, then the Brilliant Brainloading™ online program is YOUR accelerated competence solution!

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Designationware™ - Professional Designation Achievement - for any type of designation

As a professional designation candidate you know you are facing a major learning challenge that, if successful, can positively impact your future career success.  

The Designationware™ Professional Designation Achievement Site will help you successfully prepare for and get ready to pass the requirements no matter what professional designation you want to achieve.

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Get Great Marks! Master Multiple Choice Exams™

The Get Great Marks! Master Multiple Choice Exams™ online program is for employees who needs to get great marks on multiple-choice exams. 

  • employment quizzes / tests
  • professional designation candidates
  • academic programs

You will learnexam-taking skills and 25 exam-taking strategies to get higher marks on every multiple-choice exam! 

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Learnware - Better Brain Bulletin

Learnware™ specializes in helping employees and employers, like you, accelerate time to competence no matter what job knowledge and/or skills need to be learned.

Gain learning enhancement tactics and brain performance improvement insights by signing up for Learnware's bi-monthly newsletter called the Better Brain Bulletin™

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