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Do you want to enhance your brain processing?

Here's an easy way to BOOST your brain's neural networks.  Access new, exciting, and relevant Neural BOOSTERS™ to help your brain take in and better process new information. Discover specific and easy to use ways to help your brain’s neural networks (and synapses) work at peak efficiency.

Learn research-based tactics to give your brain weekly brain gains for learning:

Motivation - Meaning - Memory

Neural BOOSTERS™ are research-based tactics to help your brain work better. They include specific actions you can take to BOOST your brain's synapses.
These fun and easy to use brain enhancing tactics will:
  • Increase your brain's ability to function well in an increasingly complex world
  • Help prevent brain decay / learning recidivism
  • Prime your brain to process information faster
  • Reduce your brain fatigue and stress
The more you learn about, try out and practice these Neural BOOSTERS™ the better your brain will process and learn new knowledge and skills.

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about membership in the Neural BOOSTERS™ Club.

You will gain immediate access to the Neural BOOSTERS™ Club membership site.  Each month new Neural BOOSTERS™ will be added for you to access online, learn about and try out.

Each Neural BOOSTERS™ includes specific instructions on how to try out and practice the brain-enhancing tactic.

This is a members only club where you will access Neural BOOSTERS™ to enhance your brain processing aptitude and abilities.

Learning about and using these Neural BOOSTERS™ will hep you improve your learning brainpower.  You gain tactics to better process the high volume and increasingly complex information you deal with each day.

Use the Neural BOOSTERS™ over and over again to BOOST your brains neural networks.

Each month you will gain access to four new Neural BOOSTERS™ to learn about and try out. 

So by the end of a year you will have discovered, out of the 48 Neural BOOSTERS™, which ones really work for you.

You will also be able to quickly and easily review and repeat the most valuable Neural BOOSTERS™.

As long as you keep paying your monthly membership fees (just $14.97 per month (taxes are included)) you will be able to access the Neural BOOSTERS™ Club membership site, plus the added bonuses.

You can easily cancel your membership in the Neural BOOSTERS™ Club at any time.  We understand that your circumstances may change and your club membership may no longer be needed.  

If you want to cancel your access to the Neural BOOSTERS™ Club, it's easy to do from within your Learnware account. 

  1. Log into your Learnware account.
  2. Click on your Avatar from the page header.
  3. Select Settings from the dropdown.
  4. Click Billing Info in the top right of the page.
  5. Cancel the payment within either your Stripe or Paypal account.

NOTE:  Your membership in the Neural BOOSTERS™ Club will continue until the end of the month you've paid for.  At that time, it will be cancelled. There are no partial repayments.

If you need more info contact [email protected] Thank you for being a member of the Neural BOOSTERS™ Club.

Neural BOOSTERS™ Club

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