CTDP Certification Study Site

Certified Training and Development Professional (CTDP) Designation

There are two parts to the CTDP Certification Process.  You first need to get ready to pass the exam.  Once you've passed the exam you need to complete a Skill Demonstration.  The CTDP Certification Study Site has been designed to help you through both parts of the CTDP Certification Process.

PART 1.  CTDP Certification:  Exam Preparation

Everything you need to get ready to pass the CTDP Certification Exam!

Gain online access (24/7) to valuable resources and tools to get ready to write The Institute for Performance and Learning's CTDP Certification Exam.

Gain online access (24/7) to these study tools and resources, for 1 year:

  • Certification Success Best Practices Checklist
  • CTDP Certification – Reading Planner
  • CTDP Certification – Google Exercise
  • Types of Performance and Learning Analyses 
  • Performance and Learning Gurus and Their Contributions
  • Performance and Learning Glossary

Online Practice Exams   

There are 225 multiple choice questions and answers, based on the 2016 I4PL 'Competencies for Performance and Learning Professionals' document.  Complete these CTDP Certification Practice exams as many times as you want.

  • Competency 1. Partnering with clients (25 questions)
  • Competency 2. Assessing Performance Needs (25 questions)
  • Competency 3. Designing curricula (25 questions)
  • Competency 4. Designing learning experiences (50 questions)
  • Competency 5. Facilitating learning (50 questions)
  • Competency 6. Supporting transfer of learning (25 questions)
  • Competency 7. Evaluating learning (25 questions)


PART 2.  CTDP Certification: Skill Demonstration Coaching Support

Now that you've successfully passed the CTDP Certification exam, you are getting ready to complete Part 2 of the process, i.e., prepare your Skill Demonstration Work Product. You could identify the best work product and prepare it on your own.  However, you'd value coaching support through the process. 

Our CTDP Skill Demonstration Coaching Support process consists of three - one hour Zoom meetings, as well as edits / reviews of your CTDP Skill Demonstration Worksheet and supporting materials. You do the work and we review it and provide feedback. 


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Why Learnware Design’s CTDP Study Site?

The CTDP Certification Study Site was designed and developed by Valerie Dixon, M.Ed., CTDP, President of Learnware Design Inc.  She is an expert Performance and Learning professional who has held key executive and consulting roles in the field of Workplace Performance and Learning for over 40 years.

Valerie also coached many of the Institute’s study groups as well as individuals (one-on-one).  She knows what it takes to successfully achieve the CTDP professional designation.

Learnware Design Inc. was the creator/designer of the Institute for Performance and Learning’s (I4PL) Training Competency Architecture (TCA) and Toolkit. The TCA and Toolkit were the foundational documents used to support the Certified Training and Development Professional designations (CTP and CTDP), and served to establish the standards against which Training and Development professionals seeking certification were assessed.

What Users Are Saying About Learnware Design’s CTDP Study Site:

  • A quick note to let you know that I passed the written exam today…whoo hoo! Thank you so much for all your guidance and support, you made this experience bearable! Your study site gave me the confidence that I needed to walk into the exam feeling prepared.
  • Valerie’s guidance, advice and sessions were the best prep!
  • Valerie you have been great help throughout, I really wish to thank you once again!
  • …your program was wonderful and a great help! Many thanks! 
  • Valerie, I am thrilled to share with you today that I have passed my CTDP. Thank you for all your support.
  • Thank you so much for your assistance. I know that your guidance and advice helped a great deal.
  • Thanks so much Valerie for the great support and guidance – your practice exams were a great help.
  • I really appreciate your guidance throughout the process. It was a wonderful experience!
  • I wrote the CTDP exam this past weekend and I’m happy to report that I passed! It was a tough exam.
  • Thank you for all your invaluable help, support and guidance!  Greatly appreciated!
  • Thank you so very much – even these words can’t express the great support you have extended throughout this process. I owe this one to you.
  • I finally found the time to write my CTDP exam the other day. I passed and I could not have done it without you. Thank you for all of your help, and please keep in touch.
  • Thank you Valerie. I passed with 82%. Not the mark I wanted, but I made it through. I absolutely wouldn’t have made it through without your prep course. Thank you very much for creating this site.
  • I just completed my CTDP exam and I passed.  I wanted to thank you for your awesome study tool and I will always recommend it to anyone who will aspire to get their CTDP designation.  I am very pleased and relieved.
  • I wrote the exam this morning and passed with a grade of 80%!  Due to a variety of circumstances, I only started studying early January. I was very concerned about failing the exam. Your site was very helpful and a valuable resource.
  • I have passed my CTDP knowledge exam.  All I needed were your practice exam questions which were golden!  The actual exam did, however, have lots of questions with multiple selection answers that are very tricky.
  • Just a quick note to thank you again for pointing me in the Learnware direction, I just finished my CTDP exam and am very pleased to tell you that I was successful thanks to your program and support materials.  Thank you for the excellent resources and support!
  • Hey Valerie wanted to let you know what I just passed the test (78%) thank you very much for your material, your website and practice exams have helped a lot!! 
  • I was successful as well (81%), but I must say some of those questions were tricky. I used the flagging quite a bit!  Thank you so much for your assistance. I know that your guidance and advice helped a great deal.