CTDP Certification Study Site

Gain online access (24/7 for one year) to valuable resources and tools to get ready to write The Institute for Performance and Learning's (I4PL's) CTDP Certification Exam.

There are 225 multiple choice questions and answers, based on the new 2016 I4PL 'Competencies for Performance and Learning Professionals' document.  Complete these CTDP Certification Practice Site exams as many times as you want.

  • Competency 1. Partnering with clients (25 questions)
  • Competency 2. Assessing Performance Needs (25 questions)
  • Competency 3. Designing curricula (25 questions)
  • Competency 4. Designing learning experiences (50 questions)
  • Competency 5. Facilitating learning (50 questions)
  • Competency 6. Supporting transfer of learning (25 questions)
  • Competency 7. Evaluating learning (25 questions)

Why Learnware Design’s CTDP Certification - Exam Practice Site?

The CTDP Certification - Exam Practice Site was designed and developed by Valerie Dixon, M.Ed., CTDP, President of Learnware Design Inc.  She is an expert Training & Development professional who has been in the Training and Development field for over 40 years.

Valerie also coached many of the Institute’s study groups as well as individuals (one-on-one).  She knows what it takes to successfully achieve the CTDP professional designations.

Learnware Design Inc. was the creator/designer of the Institute for Performance and Learning’s (IPL) Training Competency Architecture (TCA) and Toolkit. The TCA and Toolkit were the foundational documents used to support the Certified Training and Development Professional designations (CTP and CTDP), and served to establish the standards against which Training and Development professionals seeking certification were assessed.


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