Get Great Marks! Master Multiple Choice Exams™

This online program is for anyone who needs to get great marks on multiple-choice exams.  You will learn exam-taking skills and strategies to get higher marks on every multiple-choice exam! 

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This program is especially designed for exam-takes who are:

  • new employees going through an orientation and/or onboarding process
  • professional designation candidates (licensing, certification, or accreditation)
  • existing employees upgrading their knowledge and skills in job-specific training programs
  • students in professional academic programs

How long has it been since you’ve written (and successfully passed) a multiple choice exam?  If you’re like most adult learners it’s been awhile. Passing exams in the business world is even more important to ensure your career success.

Gain the vital exam-taking skills and strategies you need to not only pass the first time but also get great marks on the certification, accreditation, licensing or training exams!  Greatly reduce your fear of failing!  Become an expert exam-taker!

Learnware Design’s online Get Great Marks! Master Multiple Choice Exams™ program shows you how multiple choice questions are designed by exam creators to confuse you!  You will learn how to correctly read, interpret and select the right answers with greater confidence and accuracy.

  Get Great Marks! Master Multiple Choice Exams™ Online Program 

7 Online Modules + 7 Online Practice Exams

  • Get Great Marks! Master Multiple Choice Exams™ – Introduction
  • Exam Skill 1:  Preparing for the Exam
  • Exam Skill 2:  Interpreting the Questions (Stems)
  • Exam Skill 3:  Selecting the Correct Answer
  • Exam Skill 4:  Eliminating Distractors
  • Exam Skill 5:  Managing Your Time
  • Get Great Marks! Master Multiple Choice Exams™ – Summary / Next Steps


You will complete multiple-choice practice exams about how to successfully pass multiple choice exams so you can try out the various exam-taking skills and strategies.  

  • PRACTICE Master Multiple Choice Exams™ – Introduction
  • PRACTICE Exam Skill 1: Preparing for the Exam
  • PRACTICE Exam Skill 2: Interpreting the Questions (Stems)
  • PRACTICE Exam Skill 3: Selecting the Correct Answer
  • PRACTICE Exam Skill 4: Eliminating Distractors
  • PRACTICE Exam Skill 5: Managing Your Time
  • PRACTICE Master Multiple Choice Exams™ – All Skills and Strategies

These practice exams reinforce what you have learned so you know what you know and why you know it!


  • Get Great Marks! Master Multiple Choice Exams™ – CHEAT SHEET!


What happens if you don't pass the upcoming exams?  You will probably:

  • feel stupid
  • be embarrassed
  • need to rewrite the exam until you do pass...
  • pay a re-write fee (for certification, licensing and accreditation programs) that could be hundreds of dollars
  • miss out on job opportunities and future career success

Completing this online program will give you:

  • confidence
  • insights into how an exam-creator thinks
  • tricks and techniques to demystify multiple choice questions
  • not only a passing grade but a higher grade on the exam(s)
  • increased learning retention


About Learnware Design Inc.

Founded in 1982, Learnware Design Inc. is a Canadian-owned training design and consulting firm providing clients with custom-designed and fully documented training systems and learning solutions which positively impact bottom-line results. As consultants we have particular expertise in well researched, custom-designed and expertly executed training design. 

About the Program Creator/Designer

Valerie Dixon, President of Learnware Design Inc., is a leading expert on how to leverage learning capacity and capability for accelerated competence.

She knows how to help learners gain, retain, recall and reuse new knowledge and skills. She believes that exam-taking is a skill just like any other skill.

Exam-taking competencies can be learned. Being an expert exam-taker is a major competitive advantage, especially in today's complex, content-heavy, ever-changing, and high tech environments.

Valerie has over forty years’ experience in all aspects of performance needs analysis, learning strategy development and learning design within both the private and public sectors.


1.  When should I take this online program?  

Start this online program as soon as you know you will be asked to take one or more multiple choice exams. You will gain the advantage of studying the content from an exam-creators perspective.  Or, if you only found out about this program a week before your exam, you will still greatly benefit from learning the exam-taking skills and strategies.

2.  Isn’t it better to take a course that teaches the content I need to learn?

It’s better to do both, if you have the time and resources. This Get Great Marks! Master Multiple Choice Exams™ Online Program is both job role and content agnostic.  That means that anyone can benefit from taking the course no matter what job role they have or what content they are studying.  You will be building exam-taking skills and strategies that not only apply to any multiple choice exam but also last a lifetime.

3.  Are there discounts for buying more than one registration in the online program?

Yes.  If you are part of a group who want to take the online program, then contact the Program Administrator at [email protected] to find out about the discount pricing.


In the unlikely event that this program did not help you pass your upcoming multiple choice exam(s), i.e., you tried using the exam-taking skills and strategies (completed the Master Multiple Choice Exams Program practice exams) and still failed the exam, you will be refunded the online program price in full. You can request a refund, in writing.



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