Designationware™ Professional Designation Achievement Site

Do you need to achieve your professional designation?  How long has it been since you’ve needed to complete a complex learning and exam preparation process?  If you’re like most adult learners it’s been awhile. Knowing how to learn quickly and efficiently is even more important to ensure your professional designation success.

This Designationware site is for professional designation candidates who are starting the learning challenge of preparing for exam(s) and demonstrations of what they know and can do.  

What happens if you, as a professional designation candidate, don't learn what you need to learn?  You will probably:

  • feel stupid
  • be embarrassed because your manager and colleagues will hear that you haven't passed the exam(s)
  • miss out on job opportunities and future career success

Accessing the tools and resources and completing the professional designation preparation process, included on this site, will give you:

  • confidence
  • skills and strategies to prepare more effectively and efficiently
  • increased learning retention for the upcoming exam(s)
  • higher marks on the exam(s)

Gain the vital skills and strategies you need to not only get ready for the exam(s) but also get great marks! Greatly reduce your fear of failing! Become an expert learner!

This site is designed to guide you through a professional designation achievement process that works for any licensing, certification or accreditation program.

Designationware™ Professional Designation Achievement Site 

Three Online Programs - Overview

  • Designationware™ START RIGHT – Professional Designation Preparation (8 hours)
  • Brilliant Brainloading™ (12 hours)
  • Get Great Marks! Master Multiple Choice Exams™ (8 hours)

Designationware™ START RIGHT – Professional Designation Preparation

If you’ve registered for your professional designation, you’re probably wondering, ‘Now what do I do?’  Like most candidates you are working full-time and have ongoing family and other community commitments. How do you fit it all in?  What’s the best path to follow to achieve your professional designation?  What actions will support your success?

In the Designationware™ START RIGHT program you will access and use specific tools and resources that will ensure you get organized and focused on high value preparation actions. You will be guided through the recommended steps to make the most of your available time and effort.  You will achieve your professional designation with less stress and in less time.

Online Program Outline

5 Online Modules + Videos + Assignments + Tools + Workbook

8 Hours

Online Modules

Module 1.  Designationware™ START RIGHT Overview

  • Follow the professional designation achievement best practices

Module 2.  Your Current Knowledge and Skills

  • Review your job accountabilities and competencies
  • Identify your knowledge and skills gaps

Module 3.  Your Professional Designation Preparation Actions

  • Prepare a professional-designation readiness reading plan
  • Use a high recall reading process
  • Identify professional designation-specific learning programs

Module 4.  Your Profession’s Terms and Acronyms

  • Learn your profession's terms and acronyms 

Module 5.  Your Knowledge Practice Strategies

  • Discover valuable knowledge practice strategies


  • Professional Designation Achievement Best Practices
  • Professional Designation Reading Planner
  • Top 12 Knowledge Practice Strategies
  • Brilliant Brainloading™ Book Summarizer Worksheet


Brilliant Brainloading™

If you’re really ready to discover and gain highly valued Brilliant Brainloading™ Competencies (Skills and Strategies) so you can easily take in and process new knowledge and skills then the Brilliant Brainloading™ Online Program is YOUR accelerated competence solution!

  • Demystify the learning process– pull back the curtain on how your brain works to maximize how it learns
  • Gain control over the volume and complexity of what you need to learn
  • Discover what actions to take to go from ‘brain bog’ to ‘brain bright’, no matter what you need to learn
  • Leverage your learning capacity (knowledge)and capability (skills) to handle new and challenging learning requirements
  • Acquire faster and more efficient learning strategies to gain, retain, recall and reuse new knowledge and skills
  • Gain personal learning information processing skills to keep ahead of the learning curve
  • Keep ahead of the competition for academic, employment and promotion opportunities.

Brilliant Brainloading™ 

There is a better way for you to learn that is more efficient and effective.  By completing the Brilliant BrainloadingOnline Program (a couple hours per week over the next 8 weeks) you will build your repertoire of Brilliant Brainloading™ Competencies (Skills and Strategies) to last a lifetime.

You will start each week proactively engaging with the program content (i.e., watching the ‘explain-it’ videos, completing the exercises, and using the learning application tools). 

You will then try-out and practice what you’ve learned. The Practice Workbook contains specific activities for you to complete to ensure you gain, retain, recall and reuse the Brilliant Brainloading™ Competencies (Skills and Strategies.

You will learn faster, smarter and better by following this interval-based strategy, custom-designed as part of the architecture of the program.

45 videos + Exercises + Tools + Guide + Practice Workbooks

  • Brilliant Brainloading™ Bootcamp – Introduction 
  • Brilliant Brainloading™ Process Overview
  • Brilliant Brainloading™ ACTIONS and ACTIONIZER Tools
  • A. Clarify the CONTEXT– Big Picture Framing
  • B. Make the CONNECTION– Link It Up
  • C.  Define the CONCEPTS – Defining Moments
  • D.  CONSTRUCT the Content – Info Architect
  • E.  CONDUCT the Skills / Use the Knowledge – Use It or Lose It
  • F.  CONSOLIDATE the Learning – The Power of ‘Re’
  • Brilliant Brainloading™ Self- Assessments


  • Brilliant Brainloading™ Process – QUICK View
  • Brilliant Brainloading™ – WORKSHEET
  • Brilliant Brainloading™ – ACTIONIZER!
  • Brilliant Brainloading™ SELF-ASSESSMENT

Get Great Marks! Master Multiple Choice Exams

How long has it been since you’ve written (and successfully passed) a multiple choice exam?  If you’re like most adult learners it’s been awhile.  

You could just ‘wing it’ and hope for the best. Or you can learn specific exam-taking skills and strategies that will ensure you get at least 20 marks higher on every multiple choice exam.

The online Get Great Marks! Master Multiple Choice Exams™ program shows you how exam-creators design multiple choice questions to confuse you.  Then you learn how to correctly eliminate the distractors in order to select the correct answers.

Gain the 5 exam-taking skills and 25 exam-taking strategies you need to overcome any exam challenges and pass the exam(s) the first time! 

You will learn how to read, interpret and select the right answers with greater confidence and accuracy.


What happens if you don't pass the upcoming exams?  You will probably:

  • feel stupid
  • be embarrassed
  • need to rewrite the exam until you do pass...
  • pay a re-write fee (for certification, licensing and accreditation programs) that could be hundreds of dollars
  • miss out on job opportunities and future career success

Completing this online program will give you:

  • confidence
  • insights into how an exam-creator thinks
  • tricks and techniques to demystify multiple choice questions
  • not only a passing grade but a higher grade on the exam(s)
  • increased learning retention

Get Great Marks!  Master Multiple Choice Exams™

Online Program Outline

9 Online Modules + Videos + Exercises + Tools + 6 Online Multiple Choice Practice Exams

8 Hours

Online Modules

Introduction (5 minutes)

Thinking Like an Exam Creator (10 minutes)

Types of Multiple Choice Exam Questions (MCQs) Exam Creators Create (70 minutes:  videos + practice exercise)

Thinking Like an Expert Exam-Taker (10 minutes)

Exam-Taking Skill 1.  Test Your Exam Readiness (45 minutes)

  • Identify potential test questions - The PTQs Method
  • Learn the importance of completing practice exams
  • Practice using two exam-readiness strategies to ensure exam success:

Exam-Taking Skill 2. Interpreting the Questions (Stems) (45 minutes)

  • Discover how to correctly read and interpret the stems, i.e., the question part of multiple choice questions
  • Gain insight into how to handle different types of questions, even the really tricky ones
  • Practice using the five exam-taking strategies to interpret the questions (stems)

Exam-taking Skill 3. Selecting the Correct Answer (45 minutes)

  • Increase the probability of selecting the correct answer
  • Use the tricks and techniques of quickly focusing in on the correct answer!
  • Practice using the five exam-taking strategies to select the correct answer

Exam-Taking Skill 4. Eliminating Distractors (45 minutes)

  • Identify and get rid of the options (distractors) that aren't correct!
  • Effectively handle different types of distractors that might mess up getting high marks.
  • Practice using the seven exam-taking strategies to eliminate distractors

Exam-Taking Skill 5. Managing Your Time (45 minutes)

  • Discover six exam-taking strategies to manage your exam-taking time
  • Practice using six exam-taking strategies to manage your exam-taking time

Get Great Marks! Master Multiple Choice Exams™ - Review and Next Steps (90 minutes review of Get Great Marks! Master Multiple Choice Exams CHEAT SHEET and selected modules)

Get Great Marks! Master Multiple Choice Exams™ – All Skills and Strategies PRACTICE (60 minutes multiple choice exam practice)


You will complete multiple-choice practice exams about the topic of how to successfully pass multiple choice exams so you can try out the various exam-taking skills and strategies. 

These practice exams reinforce what you have learned so you know what you know and why you know it!


  • Get Great Marks! Master Multiple Choice Exams™ – CHEAT SHEET!
  • Exam-Taking TOOL:  Sources of Potential Test Questions (PTQs)
  • Exam-Taking TOOL:  Types of Exam Questions Exam Creators Create



About Learnware Design Inc.

Founded in 1982, Learnware Design Inc. is a Canadian-owned training design and consulting firm providing clients with custom-designed and fully documented training systems and learning solutions which positively impact bottom-line results. As consultants we have particular expertise in well researched, custom-designed and expertly executed training design. 

About the Program Creator/Designer

Valerie Dixon, M.Ed., CTDP, President of Learnware Design Inc., is a leading expert on how to leverage learning capacity and capability for accelerated competence, She knows how to help learners gain, retain, recall and reuse new knowledge and skills. She believes that learning is a skill just like any other skill.

Valerie has over forty years’ experience in all aspects of performance needs analysis, learning strategy development and learning design within both the private and public sectors.

Valerie believes that exam-taking skills and strategies and learning competencies can be learned. Being an expert learner and exam-taker is a major competitive advantage, especially in today's complex, content-heavy, ever-changing, and high tech environments.


1.  When should I access the Designationware™ site?  

Start these online programs as soon as you know you will be completing a professional designation process.

The Designationware™ site is relevant for anyone who wants to / needs to achieve their professional designation, no matter what job role or organization you are in or what professional designation you will be registering for or have registered for.  The site content and learning process will apply to you and your learning challenge.

You will be learning about and trying out the best brainloading and exam-taking skills and strategies that will last a lifetime.

2.  Are there discounts for more than one person in my organization accessing the Designationware™ site?

Yes.  If you are part of a group that wants to access the Designationware™ site, then contact the Program Administrator at [email protected] to find out about group discount pricing.


In the unlikely event that the online programs, tools and resources in the Designationware™ site did not help you:

  • prepare you the professional designation process,
  • learn new brainloading skills and strategies, and
  • gain multiple choice exam-taking skills and strategies

you can ask for a full refund, within the first 15 days (after purchasing the online program).  Just request a refund, in writing, via email to [email protected]

Gain the additional support you need to achieve your professional designation!  SIGN UP TODAY!