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NOTE: Each of the daily videos and the associated activities will take approximately 20 minutes per day) to be completed over 5 days.

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Accelerate Your Job Competence™ Introduction


Competence PYRAMIDS™ – Capacity LAYERS (KNOWELDGE)


Competence PYRAMIDS™ – Capability LEVELS (SKILLS)


Competence PYRAMIDS™ – Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML)


Brilliant Brainloading™ Process


Brilliant Brainloading™ @Work

Workforce Learning Challenges - Five Categories

Are you experiencing one or more of these career challenges with significant learning requirements?

1. New Employees

You are going through new hire orientation and onboarding. 

You know you need to efficiently learn a high volume of new job knowledge and skills within a very short amount of time.

You need to become job proficient as quickly as possible.

2. Change Impacted  Employees 

You are continuously learning new job requirements, new or updated technology, new products and services, new legislation, and new policies and procedures.

Changes happen every day and week that impact your job performance.

3. Promoted or Transferred Employees

You already know about the organization where you currently work, but now that you have been promoted and/or transferred you need to learn a new or expanded job role and responsibilities. 

You also need to engage with and learn about new colleagues and employees.

4. Academic Focused Employees

You are starting or are currently working on a program of study (in-person and/or virtual) at a college or university – full or part-time, for professional academic achievement.  

It's all the more challenging if it's been awhile since you've taken academic courses.

5. Professional Designation Candidates

You are thinking about or have already signed up to achieve your professional certification, licensing (apprenticeship) or accreditation.

You need to prove your professional competence to achieve your professional designation.