Accelerated Job Competence™ 

We are workplace learning experts who work with organizational leaders to accelerate job competence™ for increased performance, productivity, and profits!


Learning Efficient™ Organization

Do you, as a leader, want to build a 'learning efficient' organization with a learning culture of continuous high-value job competence!

Do you need to prepare your workforce to efficiently upskill and/or reskill their job knowledge and skills due to the demands of the ever changing future of work and learning!

Create a more learning efficient organization™
  • Identify and assess the learning efficiency drivers in your organization
  • Ensure your organization is designed to be learning efficient to save time and money
  • Help your employees respond faster, smarter, and better to the ever-changing, technology-driven world
  • Gain a competitive human asset advantage in your marketplace - decrease the amount of time it takes your employees to become job proficient
  • Accelerate your employees' time to job competence to serve your customers better
  • Ramp up your employees' learning efficient competencies, skills, and strategies
  • Ensure your employees are 'learning ready' to upskill and/or re-skill new job knowledge and skills
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Learning Efficient™ Employees

Are changes in the workplace demanding higher levels of employee job competence and better performance!

Do your employees need to learn how to become more efficient learners at work, ready for improved job performance and career success!

Do your employees need to upskill and/or reskill their job competencies.

Ensure employees become more learning efficient™

Build your employees' learning efficient competencies, skills, and strategies to gain, retain, recall, and reuse new knowledge and skills, especially when starting:

  • new jobs (orientation and onboarding)
  • job training programs
  • complex job challenges (new technology, product knowledge, expanded roles / responsibilities)
  • job promotions
  • job transfers
  • academic degrees / diplomas or career-based studies
  • professional designations achievement (certification, accreditation, licensing)
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Future Proof Job Performance and Increase Organizational Success with LEARNING EFFICIENCY

Go Quickly From Brain Bog to Brain Bright™

Brain Bog causes wasted time, energy, and lost learning ROI. 

Discover easy-to-follow skills and strategies to quickly and efficiently go from brain bog to brain bright no matter what you or your employees are learning at work.

Ramp up learning efficiency when upskilling and reskilling. Accelerate  job competence™!

Gain Neuroscience of Learning (NOL) Insights

Neuroscientists are gaining new insights and discovering new best practices about how the human brain takes in and processes new knowledge and demonstrates new skills.

Discover how to use the newest learning enhancement skills and strategies to thrive in an ever-changing and high-tech world. Learn how to learn efficiently at work while learning about learning!

Learn Faster, Smarter and Better at Work!

Learnware's online, in-person and virtual programs, products, tools, and resources are expertly designed by professional learning and performance experts.  Learnware Design Inc. has over 40 years in-depth knowledge and experience creating high impact workplace learning.

We know how learners learn and what it takes to learn faster, smarter, and better at work (and with less stress)

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Learnware™ specializes in working with employers and  their employees to accelerate job competence no matter what job knowledge and/or skills need to be learned.

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Brilliant Brainloading @Work!

Complete this online program to discover how to quickly and easily accelerate your job competence to gain a competitive employment advantage. 

Learn learning efficiency skills and strategies.

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Brilliant Brainloading Blueprint - eBook

Learn faster, smarter, and better using proven learning efficiency skills and strategies.

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Designation - START RIGHT!

For any type of professional designation

This online program will help you successfully prepare for and get ready to achieve your professional designation (certification, licensing, accreditation)!

Learn the key actions you can take to support your professional designation achievement success!

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Get Great Marks! Master Multiple Choice Exams

Sign up for an online program that teaches you how exam-creators as well as great exam-takers think so you can read, interpret, and correctly answer multiple-choice questions! Complete online practice exams to try out the 'legal' strategies on the Get Great Marks CHEAT SHEET!

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FREE Checklist:  Multiple Choice Exam Readiness

Are you really ready to get great marks on an upcoming Multiple Choice Exam(s)?

Know for sure!

Download the free Multiple-Choice Exam Readiness Checklist to self-assess whether or not you are following key Multiple-Choice Exam Taking SUCCESS ACTIONS to ensure you get great marks!

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Neural BOOSTERS™ Club

Do you want to maximize your mental performance for better cognitive functioning?  With regular brain-boosting activities, you can improve your focus, memory, as well as think more clearly.

Each week learn about and try out proven, research-based tactics you can use to BOOST your brain's neural networks for optimal brain functioning. 

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