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Why Brilliant Brainloading™ is the New Way to Learn

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Learning Continuum Diagram
Information Explosion

We are living in a time of exponential growth.  Everything about our world is changing faster than ever before in every way.  Our senses are being flooded with data all the time and everywhere. It’s ubiquitous.

Did you know that you only use a small percentage of your brain to process that information?  What would happen to you personally and professionally if you could tap into an extra 10% to 20% of your learning capacity (knowledge retention) and learning capability (skills building)?

Are you maximizing your brain’s ability to handle the increasing information processing demands of the future of work and learning? 

Brainloading Challenge

The challenge is that your conscious human mind can only hold about 7 things at once. Recent research shows that it is probably closer to 3 to 5 things at once. Yikes!  Research confirms that your brain is a filtering and forgetting machine more than a remembering and recalling powerhouse that you’d like it to be.

So, your brain is being challenged to handle much more information than ever before but at the same time your ability to move information from your short-term memory into long-term memory has remained the same if not gotten worse. Information overload sets in rather easily these days.

Yes, you don’t need to remember as much because you can always Google it.  You should be incredibly grateful for Google. But your brain still needs to filter all that information and store what’s important.  So, you are constantly learning but your brain now needs to go beyond basic learning and begin to brainload differently.

What is Learning?

Learning is defined as acquiring knowledge and skills that you retain – consciously and unconsciously, that changes your behaviours.  If you cannot do things differently because your brain didn’t process the information effectively and efficiently, then what is it that you’ve learned?  You may know more or feel differently for a short amount of time. But without doing something and practice (use and reuse), have you really learned?

‘Learning’ can be thought of as existing along a continuum that goes from limited learning to exceedingly high learning.  On the left side of the continuum the word ‘learning’ means a general awareness of new knowledge (know of). At the opposite end of the continuum, the word ‘learning’ means 100 percent knowledge and skills acquisition, retention, and reuse.

You, as a learner, have a choice.  You can operate anywhere along the learning continuum. 

Why Brilliant Brainloading?

What really works is to spend more time at the far right of the continuum in what I call the Brilliant Brainloading™ zone. You consciously and intentionally ask your brain to take in and mentally process the new knowledge or skills so that you can easily recall and reuse what is ‘learned’ over an extended timeframe.  If your brain doesn’t learn in the Brilliant Brainloading™ zone, then you really haven’t learned very well.

If you asked someone who has just left a learning event if they learned anything they will likely say ‘yes’.  However, what they’ve experienced is a deluge of new knowledge, some of which will be retained but the vast majority forgotten. Unless they actively do something with it, the new knowledge becomes more general awareness rather than actual learning. 

Brilliant Brainloading™ is the conscious and intentional neural uploading of new knowledge and skills, using brain-enhancing skills and strategies, to purposefully accelerate competence™.

When real learning matters, it demands that you do things differently.

Learner-Managed Learning

In the same way customers are taking control of their own purchasing process and customer service needs, you, as a learner, need to become more learning self-sufficient and proactive. You, as a learner, need to take the initiative to influence how you learn best. 

Right now, most of the learning tactics and strategies are in the hands of the instructors, teachers, facilitators, learning designers and developers but not you, as the learner.  That needs to change.

Did you know that there are specific skills you can learn as well as hundreds of strategies you can personally use to brainload faster and more effectively, and with less stress?

Whether you’re listening to a lecture, attending an in-person or virtual workshop or conference, completing an online learning program, or reading a book / eBook, you can consciously and intentionally apply personally effective Brilliant Brainloading™ skills and strategies. 

Once you know these Brilliant Brainloading™ skills and strategies you can intentionally apply them in any learning situation.

Brilliant Brainloading™ as a Competitive Advantage

Are you concerned about not learning as fast as everyone else?  Are you having trouble keeping up with your peers because of information overload?  Is your employability being eroded?  As a knowledge worker, your ability to learn is a key competitive advantage to both you and your organization.

Imagine the impact on your life if you learned how to Brilliantly Brainload™ before attending your next learning event.  Not only would you experience a higher return on your learning investment (ROLI), both personally and professionally, but it would grow dramatically over time.  You know you can never stop learning. So why not learn how to Brilliantly Brainload™ to maximize your learning capacity (knowledge retention) and capability (skill demonstration)?


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