Exam Passing Skills and Strategies for Professional Designation Candidates

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For sure, you are going to access the resources and tools available from the certifying, licensing or accrediting organization that is offering your professional designation. But what if you could get extra insights into how exam-creators and expert exam-takers think?

Real people prepared the exam you are going to take. They have looked at the same content you are learning and decided what to turn into questions and what not to include on the exam. There are certain types of content that they focus on. Understanding their perspective will definitely help you be better prepared for the exam and greatly increase your marks on every multiple choice exam you take.

Expert exam-takers have learned a set of exam-taking skills and strategies to give them an exam-taking advantage. Here's an overview of the top five exam-taking skills:

Exam-Taking Skill 1: Testing Your Exam Readiness

There are two primary exam-readiness strategies you can use to ensure your exam...

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