The Most Important Learning Resource – Glossary of Terms and Acronyms!

When you are a new employee starting a new job, you might as well be moving to a foreign country with a different language.  Each organization has its own unique use of terms and acronyms.  Have you ever stopped to listen to two employees talking in the hallway after a meeting?  Would you, as a new employee understand what they are talking about?  Probably not!  Sometimes a lot of the conversation is based on terms and acronyms that only insiders would know about and be able to decipher.

Help yourself become acculturated to your new ‘foreign’ environment by accessing a copy of (or link to) your organization’s Glossary of Terms and Acronyms.

A well-designed Glossary of Terms and Acronyms is a critical document every new employee needs to have ready access to, especially during the first months of employment.  Of course, you may think that you can easily look up unknown terms on an internet-based dictionary, as needed. However, to...

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